The Apartment Rental News - October 23, 2012

apartment rental news

Bonita la Banane Source: Flickr

What does it take to be at the top of your game? Find out which strategies successful agents across the nation use to be the best in their market. See what services and amenities landlords are offering pet owners in order to make their units more appealing to wealthy tenants, and learn why the economic recovery could be a threat to Airbnb.

Investment Firms Look to Single-Family Rentals

As homeownership rates continue to fall, large corporate investors are scooping up single-family homes, hoping to manage houses the same way large real estate funds hold apartment complexes and office buildings.

Agent Secrets: How to Be No. 1

Take a look at how agents in different cities across the country rise to the top. In cities hit by the housing downturn, agents at the top needed to develop different strategies, such as taking on more listings, lowering fees or finding a new client base, in order to succeed.

For the Dog That Has Everything: Concierge Services

Real estate developers and landlords have learned that dog-friendly buildings are a magnet for wealthy apartment owners. Dog spas and day care services are among the amenities landlords are offering pet owners.

An Economic Recovery Will Kill Airbnb

As the site’s popularity has grown, so have the risks. As the housing market recovers and jobs are created, Americans may get back to seeing a home as an investment vehicle, which means fewer people “settling” for short-term rentals like Airbnb.

Proposed Boston Dorm Wins Neighbors’ Support

How do you build a dorm that students will want to live in? With apartment-style units, of course. See what student renters these days are looking for in their student housing experience.