The Benefits of Starting an Apartment Watch

apartment watch

Flickr by ElvertBarnes

Unless you post out in front of your rental properties 24/7 monitoring for suspicious activities occurring in or around the rental premises (which we don’t recommend), it’s hard to get a grasp of what goes on your property.

The people that are the most aware of what goes on in your property are the people that live there. Organize an apartment watch to help promote a safe community. It will encourage everyone to take responsibility for their safety and to keep an eye out for suspicious situations.

Not only will it make your residents feel safer, it could help your residence actually be safer. Residences with a neighborhood or community watch have fewer crime problems than ones that do not.

Consider the following benefits of incorporating a neighborhood watch into your rental community:

Reduced crime.

When everyone is on the lookout, people become more reluctant to commit crimes because everyone is watching.

Safer environment.

When crime is reduced, the environment for your tenants becomes safer. It will also put the minds of your tenants at ease knowing that they’re safe from any dangers.

Less property damage.

Property damages are less in places where there’s an apartment watch. When your residents are always on the look out for trouble, people will be less likely to publicly damage your property.

When your property isn’t damaged, you don’t have to worry about repairing damages, saving you money.

Lower tenant turnover.

Tenants who feel safe and secure in their home will be less likely to leave. Why would they want to move and risk being in a different, potentially unsafe environment? An increased sense of safety will help keep your tenants stay put.