The Chicago Apartment Rental News – April 11, 2012

chicago apartment news

Image by vincent ☆ via Flickr

In this week’s apartment rental news, a drop in the number of agents and brokers is expected in the Chicago area due to new licensing laws taking place on May 1st. Reports show Chicago’s housing market is not out of the red, with many foreclosures still peppering the market.

Where Have all the North Shore Agents Gone? – On May 1st, changes in the Illinois broker licensing law will be taking effect, requiring all agents to become licensed agents or brokers by April 30.

Is Chicago the Next Atlanta? – Could Chicago see a sudden implosion in the housing market? The high number of foreclosures in the monthly Housing Scorecard raised red flags to the fragile condition of the market.

Man Gets 3 Years for Defrauding Condo Associations – A former Chicago property management company was sentenced to 3 years in prison for stealing about $2 million from condo associations.

Chicago, Evanston Property Managers Fail to Notify Tenants of Lead Hazards – More than 450 units will be awarded upgrades after the management failed to notify them about lead-based paint.

Housing Rights and Sexual Orientation – A Chicago renter is suspicious of being discriminated against due to his sexual orientation, and wants to know his rights.

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