The Double Take Listing: Fairy Tale Castle

castle rental

What better way to entice renters than market your property as an escape from reality? This rental listing in Sequim, WA offers renters an otherworldly experience once they step foot on their property, setting it apart from your usual three-bed, two-bath listing in the ‘burbs:

“This medieval castle is one of the most unique rentals on the market. Looking upon the structure, flights of pure fantasy and imagination dazzle the mind. Dungeons, feastings, daring lovers, sieges, bards, mystery and wonder are grown when stepping into this magical world. An age of bygone kings, magicians, giants, dwarfs, sorceresses, elves and trolls. Through the doors, chivalry is born and romance has its origins in this magical world. The castle is extremely spacious and must be seen to fully appreciate.”

How else can one describe a castle without mentioning a fantasy world? And as if the words ‘castle’ and ‘dungeon weren’t enough to catch your attention, this property also has a name: The Gate Keepers Castle.

rental listing description

Another way to attract renters: do away with the term ‘basement’ in exchange for ‘dungeon.’. Except instead of jail cells, include a Jacuzzi and steam shower with medieval décor.

The extras that come with this rental home might not be what everyone’s looking for (minus the Victorian charm and modern appliances), but the descriptions certainly illustrate the property as one-of-a-kind and perfect for renters looking for a touch of fantasy. Hopefully, the monthly rent also includes the elves.