The Psychology of Color in Advertising

What if, by changing the colors in your logo, website, or business card, you could motivate renters to work with you? Our subconscious has negative and positive reactions to color, and by knowing what colors bring out which reactions, you can use them to your advantage to better persuade clients to work with you. The following colors effective when you’re using non-verbal cues in advertising – and may just help you lease out your units faster!

Blue is a popular color because it suggest trustworthiness, security, and authority. Many bank logos use blue in their marketing because it represents fiscal responsibility.

White gives a reaction of purity and truthfulness. Giving your business the ‘sterile’ look can also make it more modern-looking and refreshing.

Green is calming and refreshing. It’s a color that’s easy on the eyes and gives reactions of tranquility, healing and freshness. Some businesses use green to communicate wealth and status.

Red is a color that elicits a reaction. Although it can be associated with debt for businesses, use it as an accent to stimulate excitement and command attention.

Black helps you create some drama. When used in the right font, it can distinguish your business as classy and authoritative. Many luxury brands use black in their logos or website layout. Keep in mind that black backgrounds on your website are hard on the eyes – stick to black text on lighter backgrounds.

For a better idea of how to use color to market and brand your rental office better, take a look at this infographic from Kissmetrics:

color in advertising