The RentNews: Apartment Rental News - March 9, 2012

apartment rental news

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Keep up with the apartment rental industry with The RentNews, a compilation of news stories from around the web. This week, landlording is a hot topic for property investors. See how the industry is growing and what you can do as a property owner to adapt.

NAA’s Groundbreaking Student Housing Survey Results – Learn more about how you can market to students from the results of one of the largest student housing surveys ever conducted.

The New Growth Business: Becoming a Landlord – After years of downturn in the market, real estate investors are back and becoming landlords due to a booming rental market.

Salzman: A New Lease on the American Dream – Pent-up demand for housing had driven the rental market sky-high, and the housing bubble has convinced many that homeownership is risky. The result? A new take on the American Dream. and RE/MAX Launch New Online Strategic Partnership – After a two-year evaluation process, will soon power the new website and the newly released Android and Apple mobile applications.

The Worst Investment Decision A Homeowner can Make – It’s important to be smart about investing in real estate. This article looks at the mistakes property investors have made, and how you can prevent the same thing from happening.