The Zillow for Pros Blog Weekly Roundup – August 23, 2013

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In this week’s most popular blog posts, get tips on multifamily budgeting, how property managers can cut costs, and learn ways you can organize your day to be more productive. Craft better apartment listing descriptions, see how you can disrupt the real estate industry, and find out how you can be a great landlord to college students.

How to Be a Great Landlord to College Students 

Being a landlord to 18 to twenty-something year olds could be tricky. Take some of our advice on how you can be a great landlord to college students.

Building a Multifamily Budget to Grow Your Bottom Line 

Your finances and time are limited, so how should you be budgeting your time and spending in the marketing department? The answer is different for everyone, but in this e-book, we’re going to walk you through how to calculate your budget, benchmark, and use analytics to measure results.

5 Time Organizing Tips for Property Managers

Your day can run smoother with just a little organization and prioritization. Here are some tips on how property managers can increase productivity and get more done with their day.

How Are You Disrupting the Real Estate Industry?

If everyone in the industry is trying to figure out how to use content marketing, social media automation, e-mail marketing, and call-to-actions to draw in more leads, how are you going to gain the attention of renters through all the racket? Disrupt the industry, stand out, and separate your business from the competition with these five tips.

Crafting Rental Apartment Listing Descriptions that Convert

The perfect apartment listing description is rarely found, but not difficult to write once you know how.Creating rental listings that convert requires a combination of striking the perfect balance between brevity and information overload.

How Property Mangers Can Cut Costs

When you’re in business for profit, it makes sense to lower the costs whenever and wherever possible. Oftentimes, a little research is all you need to successfully lower your expenses, be it for office supplies or insurance. Check out these areas in your business to see if you can reduce costs.