The Zillow for Pros Blog Weekly Roundup – November 8, 2013

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Image by edenpictures via Flickr

In this week’s most popular posts on the Zillow for Pros blog, see how and where successful agents spend on technology, as well as how you can use renter search behavior to boost your marketing. Find out the questions to consider before hiring a property management company, and why there’s a debate about whether or not green certification for your buildings is worth it.

Infographic: Do Tech Savvy Agents Earn More? 

A survey looked at the relationship between social media activity, technology use, and incomes of real estate agents. The results found that middle and high-income real estate professionals tend to spend more on technology, spending more than $2,500 out-of-pocket on websites, software, and other tools.

Understand Renter Behavior to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

The survey What do Residents Want? Trends in Resident Technology & Communication Preferences by J Turner Research examined the search patterns, behaviors, and technology preferences of over 41K residents in apartments across the nation. Here are some notable trends they found that any rental professional can use to boost their marketing strategy.

Is Green Certification Worth It? 

Having a green apartment building and being green certified are two separate matters. While implementing green building practices promotes cost and energy-efficiency, rental professionals debate whether or not going the extra mile to attain green certification is worth it.

5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Property Management Company 

Looking for professional property management? Here are five key questions you should ask of any management company.

How to Get Your Tenants to Pay Rent On Time 

See how one property manager approached the problem of getting his tenants to pay rent on time by holding his residents accountable.