The Zillow For Pros Weekly Roundup: October 19, 2012

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Elvert Barnes Source: Getty Images

In this week’s most popular articles, find out how to make the right investment decision when it comes to buying properties. Make a good first impression on renters by actively listening to them and responding, not just hearing them. Once they arrive for a showing, give your property some edge this season by staging for autumn.

The G$ System, Part 10: Execution

Successful people are able to plan their work and work their plan. It’s all about execution. How do you get yourself to change your habits and work more effectively? Find out in this last installment of Greg Young’s series.

Investing For the Right Rental Property

Real estate investments are an extremely serious undertaking. Aspiring property owners need to do their homework to keep that deal from turning to a dud. Consider the following features before committing to any property.

Polish Your First Personal Contact With Renters

When renters call to inquire about your rental properties, your phone etiquette needs to be polished and professional. All they can use to judge you is your tone of voice and what you say. Here are some tips on how to be diligent about listening to your callers, not just hearing them.

Staging Tips for Autumn

Fall staging is important because you’ll end up showing properties in both of those peak time frames that border the autumn season. Here are some tips to take advantage of the season when you show and stage a property.

A Guide to Expanding Resources in the Rental Industry

Whether or not you’re a broker or a property manager, or a real estate agent looking to get in the game, current trends matter more and more to stay on top. This guide will help you gain a better understanding of the tools at your disposal.