Time-Saving Tool for Agents: Zillow's Agent Hub

Zillow’s Agent Hub provides members easy access to multiple time-saving features.  The Hub helps real estate agents better manage their contacts, reports, inventory and information.

Agent Hub keeps agents up-to-speed with real-time real estate data, news, and trends.  Each day the Hub provides new content, real estate technology, free training and support, social media tips and tools, and much more.

Key areas of Agent Hub:

1. Recent Activity — View at-a-glance your recent activity from new prospects and contacts, added reviews, traffic and views of listings, and visits to your enhanced and updated Zillow profile. One click takes you deeper into more details for each area.

2. Managing Your Contacts — Managing your time in real estate can be challenging, but managing your contacts and clients is a must. Agent Hub will help you to manage both.  It’s simple and fast with features you’ll actually use.

3. Tips, Tools, News — Don’t recreate the wheel or spend unnecessary time trying to figure things out, visit your Agent Hub to see the latest tips, tools, and techniques that can help you get the most out of your valuable time online.

4. Easy Interface — Agent Hub’s easy-navigation bar provides you convenient access to the most important areas and tools you’ll need on the back-end of Zillow.  One-click access to your productivity toolbox.

5. Need Help? — Looking for support and answers to your questions?  Your Zillow support staff and team are only one click away.  No searching, no wasted time or stress, just click!  We’re there and care!

Agent Hub offers training and support videos, access to free online webinars, links to tools and useful information and there’s more on the way.  It’s all at the Zillow Agent Hub. Go check out YOUR Hub, it’s the best place to check-in and to check out your business each day.