Top 10 Things You Don't Know About Premier Agent Websites

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day in the halls of Zillow, and across the Internet, as we announced our Premier Agent Websites. There was a lot of chatter in the blogosphere, on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, there were questions too, and we’re answering them as quickly as we can. As with any new product launch, a common theme tends to come out in the questions. So borrowing shamelessly from David Letterman, we present you with the Top 10 Things You Don’t Know About Premier Agent Websites”

#10 – You don’t have to be a Zillow Premier Agent to get a Premier Agent Website.
It’s just $10 a month for agents not currently subscribed to Zillow’s Premier Agent advertising program. Subscribing Zillow Platinum and Gold Premier Agents get a website for free. Either way you get a website complete with free domain name, no set-up fee, and no long-term contract.

#9 – You own the content.
You created it, you own it. Your content is yours to keep. Simple export functionality allows you to save posts, pages, community pages or all content, which includes posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts.

#8 – Need training? We’ve got you covered.
Free webinars are coming up to cover site basics. Future webinars will include info on content creation, lead management and follow up. And more! For upcoming classes, see the calendar at Zillow Academy.

#7 – Got widgets? Yep. Nineteen of them.
And seven places to put them with a simple drag and drop. That’s 17,672,631,900 possible combinations of widgets and layouts (at least according to my college stats course and a handy internet combinations and permutations calculator).

#6 – Where do the links go? That’s your call.
Some of the widgets have links back to Zillow. But you have complete control of which widgets you use, or don’t use. The link in the footer? Feel free to turn it off. Links to other sites in the listing displays? You are in control, feel free to pick and choose what you want displayed in listings.

#5 – But all that link selection and widget stuff requires “coding” and things like CSS and PHP and other extreme forms of geek, right?
Nope. What it requires is the ability to click and hold a mouse button while dragging something on the screen. Oh, and you may have to click on a little box to check/uncheck some things. That’s it. Your 10 year old can do it. Of course, your 10-year-old may be able to code in PHP and CSS, too but you won’t have to.

#4 – I want custom menus! With cool drop downs!
No problem, got you covered. Full WordPress custom menu functionality is included. If you can drag and drop and check boxes, you can create custom menus, including drop downs.

#3 – An IDX solution, for $0 – $10 a month. Really?
Really. You get a full featured Diverse Solutions IDX included in the price*.

*Some MLS’s charge agents for receiving an IDX feed. Many do not. If your MLS charges a fee, you will have to pay it in order to receive IDX listings.

#2 – OK fine. But there can’t be lead capture included for $0 – $10 a month!
Sure there can. And there is. Call-to-action buttons on listings, and complete user control over home search registration requirement. You control what people have to register for in order to see, and how many “free views” they get before the registration form pops up.

And the Number 1 Top Ten Thing You Don’t Know About Premier Agent Websites

#1 – There is no catch.
Really. You’re not going to get some surprise bill in the mail. There is no “But you have to pay more for this or that”, no “Oh you want THAT feature? Well that’s a different story.” Period. End of story. No catches.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on over to the Premier Agent Website page and sign up!

Questions? Drop a comment and we’ll answer what we can!

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