Top Real Estate Agent: Matt Laricy, Chicago, IL

Zillow’s going coast-to-coast shining the spotlight on some of the best agents in cities across the country. These Zillow Premier Agents are successful in their community and have used Zillow to help grow their business.

Today’s Chicago, IL agent looks at the big picture of real estate and understands the importance of building his brand. He relates to clients because he sees them as friends and not as a commission check.

Matt Laricy Chicago Real Estate

Matt Laricy


Name: Matt Laricy

Brokerage: Americorp Ltd

Years in business: 8

Years as a Zillow Premier Agent: 6

Favorite home style: Contemporary

We asked Matt for some tips to becoming a top agent. Here’s what he had to say:

Zillow: Why are you successful as a real estate agent?
Matt: I get the big picture. I don’t chase a commission. I chase a relationship. I focus on connecting with my clients and making sure I represent them in the best possible way. If you build a business this way, success will follow.

Zillow: What is the best part of your job?
Matt: Every day you wake up takes you on a different journey. What you were showing yesterday will be different today. The type of clients or properties you represent change as the days go on. When one door closes, another opens right down the street!

Zillow: What is your No. 1 tip for agents starting out on Zillow?

Matt Laricy Chicago Real Estate

Laricy and his team suggest chasing the client relationship, not the commission check.

Matt: Invest in your brand. Build a solid profile that showcases you and your talents.

Zillow: What are three words clients use to describe you?
Matt: Driven, focused and energetic.

Zillow: When you’re not selling real estate, what do you enjoy in your free time?
Matt: The correct answer is talking about real estate! Every morning I work out which helps me to clear my head and map out my day. At the end of the day, I enjoy cooking dinner for my wife. It helps me settle down and get creative, outside of the work world.

Zillow: How do you stay active in the local community?
Matt: I sit on the associate board for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. I do everything I can to help raise money for the kids.

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