Twitter for Property Managers

twitter for property managers

Image by petesimon via Flickr

You’ve done the easiest part of putting your property management office onto Twitter: setting up an account. Now you need to engage your followers and encourage renters to follow you. What do you Tweet so that your time spent on social media is worthwhile and informative to everyone involved?

Here are 7 tips on how you can use Twitter for property management.

Don’t use your Twitter account for personal tweets.

Using social media for business helps your property management team interact with residents. They’re most likely following your tweets for updates about the community and their complex, not to find out more about your personal life. If you find that most of your tweets are going to friends and family, or aren’t remotely property-management related, it might be time to set up a personal Twitter account.

Inform residents about local events.

Whether there’s an upcoming half-marathon in the city or a barbecue at the apartment complex, use your Twitter account to keep renters posted about what’s going on in the community.

Send reminders about property maintenance.

Follow up your written notices with a Twitter message the day before a scheduled maintenance. Use Twitter as a tool to update tenants about elevator repairs, power outages, pests and other work orders around the property.

Share your newsletter.

Make monthly issues more accessible to tenants by distributing them on Twitter as well as through e-mail and hard copies.

Share local deals and coupons.

Help your residents save money by sending out great deals for local businesses. Is it free cone day at the ice cream shop down the street, or is the movie theater offering half-off weeknight tickets? Let your residents know.

Encourage tenants to reply with feedback or suggestions.

Hold Twitter conversations with residents and use it as a resource to find out any improvements you could be making to the management system. Encourage tenants to send you Tweets when there is any need for maintenance or repair.

Put a face to your property management office.

Tweet photos and updates of new employees, office events and employee facts. Use Twitter to make your property management team more personable and approachable to residents.

How do you use Twitter for property management? Share with us in the comments section, or learn more about social media with a free download of our social media whitepaper.