Using Google+ to Help Your Web Page Rankings

Google+ page rankingsMany people do not realize just how powerful Google+ is. If you are a Realtor and you’re not using Google+ everyday, you are missing a fantastic opportunity.

Especially if you are a blogger, you’d be nuts not to be using Google+ every day.

Let me give you some tips that will help rocket your site to the top of Google:

1. Every single day, log in to Google+ and link to a different page of your website. If you write a brand new post every day, great – make sure to share it on Google+. If you don’t write a post everyday, that’s okay – go back and put up an old post or page.

2. By default, Google+ will post to your circles. Do not post to circles only! That is absolutely, 100% useless and most people I know make that mistake everyday. If you only want your circles to see it, Google considers that private information and it will do nothing to help you or your website.

Make absolute certain that every post that you write is put into the “public” circle. Then, Google will actually index your Google+ post. And if you do it right, sometimes your Google+ posts can appear in the page one search results.

3. Do not add your link to Google+ as a “link.” When you are posting, Google+ gives you the option of adding a photo, a video, a link, or an event to accompany the words you are writing.

The easiest thing to do is to paste your link into the link section. Then, much like Facebook, Google+ will show your post with a tiny thumbnail which nobody will ever care about and nobody will bother to look at.

Instead, upload an incredible photo- something that will get people’s attention, and use the text area to add your link.

If you are a realtor in Colorado Springs, for example, I would write a Google+ post something like this:

*New Listing in Colorado Springs*

MLS# 082472049523

This is a lovely new home in Colorado Springs, it has four spacious bedrooms,
three bathrooms, and of course, gorgeous mountain views. If you would like
to see this home or any other Colorado Springs listing, call me at (555) 555-5555. <– Google+ will turn this into a link automatically.

colorado springs real estate




And you know what happens then? A bunch of people who are scrolling through their news feed end up “plussing” your picture, adding power to the post, and thus, power to the link itself.

It’s tricky as heck, because people are just appreciating your photo, but you’ve got to be a guerrilla when you are marketing.

Go get a membership at Shutterstock, or go out and take awesome pictures yourself, but post amazing pictures with your posts. It would be nice if it was actually related to your post, but you could really post anything and as long as it gets people’s attention. They will plus it, and that will boost your site in the rankings.

All because you posted a picture of a sunset or a pretty home. That’s just easy-peasy real estate SEO right there.