Water-Friendly Apartment Landscaping

apartment water friendly landscaping

Image by cliff1066™ via Getty Images

It’s time to do something about that dirt patch in front of your apartment building. No matter how water-saving maintaining dirt and dead grass was, it’s not doing anything for your curb appeal. However, grass isn’t the only answer, and there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your property with greenery without the ridiculous water bill each month.

Downsize. Just because you have a huge front lawn doesn’t mean you have to cover it all with grass. Instead, landcaps a part of it with mulch, or replace the grass with low-water shrubs.

Create a native plant garden. You can have a low-maintenance garden without cactus. Do some research and see what kinds of plants grow well naturally in your climate. By installing a native plant garden, you’ll have a nice green landscape that requires much less water.

Use mulch or rocks. Ground covering helps you reduce the size of your lawn, but also prevents the soil from eroding and traps in moisture.

Go without the lawn. Instead of having to maintain a grassy lawn, go without by converting the space into a relaxing are for your tenants. Utilize a few potted plants instead, add benches and use sand or pebbles for groundcover.

Make the space people-friendly. Adding areas your residents will use cuts down on the space that needs to be maintained and watered. Adding a winding path, gazebo, or play area add lots of detail and appeal to a property with less water consumption.