What Are Renters Researching?

apartment research

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It’s important to keep up with news in the industry, but are you also in touch with news from the renters’ perspective? The Internet isn’t just full of help articles for real estate professionals. It’s also a crucial resource for renters during their apartment search — and not just for listings.

Renters not only read reviews of your business, but they also look for advice on how to deal with loud neighbors, approach management about complaints, choose a landlord or decide which broker to work with in their area. By browsing forums and news articles and frequenting renter-focused blogs, you can familiarize yourself with the renters’ perspective and do a better job catering to their needs.

Let’s use an example of a first-time renter. Someone moving out on their own for the first time doesn’t know how the rental process works. They use the Internet as a resource and look for articles about what they need to consider when they choose a landlord, or what fees they should expect to pay for a broker. Once they find an apartment and begin the application process, they might look for information about security deposits or renter’s insurance.

When you know what questions renters are going to ask before they work with you, you’ll answer them thoroughly. It’s important to be in touch with the concerns of renters so you can make your business more competitive.

Blogs for renters not only give tips on how they can begin their apartment search, they also advise tenants on apartment living etiquette, how to deal with landlords, rules on security deposits and anything else associated with apartment living. Use your knowledge to identify with your tenants, decide what kinds of services to offer and which topics to cover for your tenant newsletters.