What Is Your Goal for Your Real Estate Website or Blog?

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One fundamental thing that is missing for many real estate agent websites is a defined goal for the site/blog.

Believe me, I talk to a lot of agents. When I ask them, “What is your goal for your website?” I am often met with a blank stare, a puzzled expression, a shameful nod of the head.

Sometimes I will hear, “I want more business,” or “Duh, commission checks.” While those are lofty goals, the problem is they aren’t good goals.

Your goals need to be SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Specific: “More business” isn’t specific. Everyone wants more business. More what? More clients, more money, more frequent pay days, more listings, more buyers … You’ve got to get specific with your goals.

Measurable: If you can’t measure it, how do you know you’ve achieved it? “I want a good blog.” “I want a recognized/respected blog.” How do you measure “good” or “recognized”? If you can measure something you can track your performance and implement new strategies and tactics to improve it.

Achievable: There is no point in making an unachievable goal; you are just setting yourself up for failure. “I want as many RSS subscribers as Chris Brogan!” While specific and measurable, it is not remotely achievable (for a new blogger, in the real estate space. Patience, Grasshopper …).

Relevant: Yeah, yeah, I know your ultimate goal is to sell enough real estate to retire so you can sit on a beach and sip cocktails out of coconuts (Wait, that’s my goal. You can’t have it!). Aside from that lofty goal not being specific, it’s not really relevant for a real estate blog. Ditto for, “I want to write a New York Times best-seller based on my blog.” Pam Slim you aren’t (or Brogan or Seth or Vaynerchuk). A real estate blog doesn’t have enough reach to make the NYT list. You’ve got to have a goal that is relevant to what you can do with a real estate blog/website.

Time-bound: This one basically keeps you honest. If, for example, RSS subscribers is your goal, proclaiming, “I want 5,000 subscribers!” doesn’t cut it. In what time frame? A week? Five years? Two decades? “I want 100 people to register for a home search” — Great! Almost. That would be a SMAR goal. Add the “T” — “I want 100 people to register for a home search in the next 6 months”

Some possible SMART goals for a real estate blog

  • Home search registrations
  • Email addresses added to a newsletter distribution list
  • Email inquiries/phone calls received on home listings
  • Number of listing appointments taken
  • RSS/email subscribers
  • Page views/unique visitors

Personally, I think the last two are the weakest of the lot. It is difficult to convert either subscribers or visitors into home buying/selling clients.

Slap a metric on these (Measurable), either a raw number or a percentage increase, make sure your metric is Achievable (you’ll need to be flexible and probably go through a data collection phase if your site is newish) and give yourself a time limit (Time-bound).

Bang! You’re off to the races. With a SMART goal, you’ll be able to track, tweak and adjust your efforts to ensure success.

Don’t like SMART goals? DUMB goals work, too — Doable, Understandable, Manageable and Beneficial. Think about adding an “ER” to the end of either of those — Evaluate and Re-evaluate — making your goals SMARTER and/or DUMBER.

I’d love to hear your SMART goals!

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