What Not to Do in Apartment Staging

apartment staging

im4t00l (Flickr)

When you’re giving an apartment tour or posting pictures in an online listing, your apartment needs to look its best. The best way to do this is through apartment staging.

While it’s important to make your apartment look warm, welcoming, and “homey”, sometimes having too much around or the wrong items out could send out the wrong impression. Here’s what not to do when staging an apartment:

Let the pets out.

Fido might be a friendly dog, but you’ll never know who may be afraid of dogs regardless. There are several people out there who are allergic to cats, also. If you’re showing an apartment that is currently occupied, make sure that the pets are out of the house. If you’re taking photos of the unit, make sure no animals are in the shot. You’ll never know if an animal will make a bad impression on a prospective renter, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Take pictures of unimpressive views.

If the view outside the balcony isn’t that impressive, it probably won’t look great in pictures, either. When you’re posting photographs of your property in listings, you want to only display the best. Therefore, skip the shots that aren’t flattering.

Leave all the bottles out in the bathroom.

When taking pictures of the bathroom, make sure it’s tidy with nothing on the counters. This means, no toothbrushes, lotion bottles, and soap bars. There should be no clutter. The only items that could leave out are nice clean towels (folded, of course) and designed soap dispensers (for example, the pretty refillable ones).

Not removing boxes.

If the tenants are moving out, that is not a good time to take pictures of the unit. It makes your apartment feel incomplete and looks cluttered. I know you’re anxious to put the apartment back onto the market with new pictures, but put down the camera! Boxes ruin the aesthetic of your property, and gives off the wrong vibe.