Why Isn't My Listing Updated on Zillow?

Home listings on Zillow shouldn’t be a mystery, but I often get asked, “Who is the listing agent?

Another common question is, “Why isn’t my listing updated on Zillow?” These are two questions you may have asked yourself at one time or another.

Every listing on Zillow displays both the listing agent, and the source or resource that’s providing the listing information to Zillow.

Here’s where the listing agent is found:

Zillow Listing Agent
Listing agents are always displayed on the right hand side of the listing page along with a “Listing Agent” badge next to their photo – but this only happens if agents created a FREE profile on Zillow.

And here is where you can find the source of the listing information. Scroll down the listing page and you will see something like this:

Zillow Listing Source

There you have the listing agent again, a contact number, and the source of the listing data that is sent to Zillow.

If something is incorrect in the listing data, the best way to correct it is by correcting the source. There are many different sources that send listing data to Zillow — brokerage feeds, franchise feeds (as in the example above), syndication sites like ListHub and Point2 and more. Making a change in your MLS — say a price change or a status change — won’t change the listing in Zillow (unless the data source happens to be an MLS feed). You have to change the data at the source in order for the changes to be uploaded to Zillow.

As always, you’re welcome to contact us for help. See that link in the image above that says, “Report problem with listing”? Click that. A simple form will appear that can be completed and sent directly to Customer Service.

To clarify:

  • Agents should create a free profile on Zillow. The profile is what gets the listing agent identified on the listing page. It is super simple to create a profile, instructions are here.
  • Need help? Just contact us.

Knowing who listed the property and how it arrived on Zillow is good knowledge to have when talking to consumers and to other agents. Knowing where and how to find this information? Priceless.