Working with the Real Off-Campus Student Housing Decision Makers

off campus housing

jdn Source: Flickr

Meet Mom and Dad. They are the real decision makers in the off-campus student housing process. While there is normally one leader in every student group, many times it’s the parents whose voices you hear the loudest.

And probably for good reason. Like sending their baby boy or girl off to college, moving off campus for the first time is another nervous step towards maturity for these students.

Worried parents ask worried questions. Here are three questions that you will probably face.

Question 1: What exactly does rent cover?

Parents often front the bills for college students, so they want to know where their money is going. Keeping the charges transparent is the best way to keep relations positive with the parents.

If your rent covers utilities, make that clear. This can ease anxiety with students and parents. Whatever you say, make it clear exactly what the student is receiving for the proposed rent.

Question 2: Do all the appliances work in the house?

Does the water heater really produce hot water, or are cold showers in their child’s future? Hopefully all of the appliances work as expected, but if something does not, be up front about fixing the problem before the student moves in.

While some of these seem insignificant, parents want to make sure their child is comfortable. It’s in their nature to worry.

Question 3: Who lives in the neighborhood?

This is a big one for parents. Although they know the campus, rarely ever do parents venture off to check out the surrounding neighborhoods. Give them a breakdown of who lives near your unit. Most often it will be other students, but many times it may be full-time residents.

Ultimately, give these parents a sense of who will be around your off-campus unit so they know their child will be safe walking back from the library late at night.

This is an anxious time for parents. Relieve the worries of their child living off-campus by answering these three questions.