Tips to Write Rental Listings that Pop

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A good listing, accompanied by high-quality photos, will paint a picture of the apartment for renters. Apartment hunters are digging through hundreds of listings in your area – how are you making sure that yours catch their eye? Here are tips to go beyond the basics and craft an eye-catching rental listing.

Highlight hidden qualities.

Renters want to know more than just the number of beds and baths, so go beyond the generic listing text. What amenities and features make the home stand out, but can’t be seen in the photos? Highlight qualities that might not be so obvious to the reader, such as great views, a private location, or lots of available parking.

Be specific about amenities.

Subway tile, marble counters, hardwood floors, new cabinets, stainless appliances, pet-friendly amenities, and community gyms are all features that can add appeal to your property. Go even deeper and be more specific about brands, materials, and features of the amenities. How can your property features add to renters’ lifestyles? Details, numbers, and facts will help you write detailed listings without adding unneeded “fluff” or potentially discriminatory content.

Use adjectives – sparingly.

Adjectives help you paint a picture of the property, but it’s important to stay accurate, lest you pull a bait-and-switch on renters once they arrive for a showing. Words like “gorgeous,” “spacious,” and “beautiful” can add value to your listing, but use them carefully and only when it represents the unit accurately. Too many adjectives can come across as suspicious or desperate. In the end, it’s better to stick to facts and specifics as you craft your listing.

Motivate renters to take action.

Encourage renters to take the next step and reach out by including your contact information at the bottom of each listing. Don’t be afraid to communicate a great price, rent concessions, or competitive rent. Conclude the listings with a strong call-to-action that will spur renters to pick up the phone or send you a message.

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