Zillow Launches Facebook Tabs

Great news real estate agents and real estate industry professionals: Zillow has expanded its free package of Web tools and is now offering Facebook Tabs.

Zillow’s Facebook Tabs are a powerful informational and social-networking tool that can help you reach and connect with more clients and potential prospects on the largest social media network in the world.

New Zillow Facebook Tabs Include:

By integrating Zillow’s Facebook Tabs into your Facebook business page you can provide valuable real estate information (your current listings, reviews from clients, and local real estate trend information) to your network, and then capture potential client contact information for future follow-up and client conversion. It’s an easy way to help you provide valuable information and content to your Facebook network.

Zillow’s Facebook Tabs integrate nicely with your existing business and community pages, and they are FREE to use in any combination.  To install the tabs, just go to http://Zillow.com/Webtools and click on Facebook Apps.  Select the tab(s) you wish to display on your page, then follow the simple installation instructions.

Zillow’s Facebook Tabs will only work on business and community pages — they will not work on personal Facebook profile pages.  We’re excited about launching them and hope you’ll them with others.  We believe our users and their readers will  them too.

Don’t have a business page? Create one here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. Also, read Zillow’s Facebook Tabs FAQ.

Need help with Facebook, or other Web tools?

Join us on Zillow Academy where we provide free training and support for a number of our free Web features,  including the new Facebook Tabs, our Zillow widgets and other Web tools currently available.