Zillow Mobile Tips for RE Pros

Let’s face it: mobile is global. Every real estate professional has a mobile device and is able to conduct their real estate business while on the go. And don’t forget that consumers and clients are also using mobile to conduct their day-to-day tasks and endeavors, too.

That’s why in today’s business world, you have to know the ins and outs of mobile and we’re here to help.

Here are some quick (and remarkable) Zillow Mobile App facts:

  • More than 55 homes per second are viewed on Zillow Mobile (1)
  • More than 40% of Zillow’s traffic comes from a mobile device on the weekend (1)

That is why response times to mobile contacts must be quick! We suggest a response time of five minutes or less, otherwise that contact will move onto someone else.

Zillow Academy’s Tech Tip of the Day:

Q. How do you tell on your Agent Hub page if a Zillow prospect is contacting you from their mobile device or from a laptop or desktop computer?

A. All laptop and desktop contacts through Zillow “REQUIRE” a phone number to submit a request, but mobile does not. (See Agent Hub screenshot example below. My notes and arrows in red.)

Contacts and prospects trying to reach you from their mobile device are only required to provide an email address, so it is extremely important to respond and reply to those contacts quickly. They may just be in your neighborhood or even sitting in front of the house!

(1) Source:  Google Analytics, March 2012