Zillow's Advice and Discussion Tips

Zillow Advice is a free service on Zillow that allows consumers to ask questions, get advice, start discussions, connect with real estate professionals, and more. Today, we reviewed some of the best practices and ideas for ways to use Zillow Advice as a powerful tool and service for local prospects and potential clients.

The image above was taken from a discussion in Zillow Advice and is just one example of the thousands of questions and discussions that take place on Zillow every day.  People have real questions and you — the real estate pro — have the answers. By participating in Zillow Advice, you showcase your expertise and in effect, get free exposure.

10 Tips to be a Local Expert:

1. Focus on local market(s) when providing answers to consumer questions.
2. Use the sorting tool to find questions and discussions of specific interest.

3. Search Categories and Sub-Categories to drill down to your best areas of expertise,

4. Use the email and social media tools to share with others and pass along advice.

5. Create email alerts in your local markets to be notified of new discussions and questions.
6. Use RSS feeds to provide fast and efficient delivery of Zillow content to your RSS reader.
7. Participate in advice and discussions and get FREE marketing with links back to your profile.
8. Earn the Zillow All-Star and Local Expert Badges from your contributions.

9. Move higher up in the local real estate directory when searched by contributions.

Use questions and discussions found on Zillow to create great local blogging content.

Remember: If no advice or discussions are taking place in your local market or ZIP code area, be the first to create some.  Please remember that these areas are reserved for sharing information and advice, not promoting yourself. The way to promote yourself is by offering advice and answering questions!

Content is always king, Zillow’s advice and discussions is a great place for your content.

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