Zillow's Digital Handshake Opportunity

First-time contacts who come from the Internet are usually referred to by real estate professionals as leads. Lead generation is one of the most desired and sought after components for agents who use online marketing and advertising. However, it’s lead conversions that really matter most!

I was recently asked this question: “How should I respond to contacts that come from Zillow who ask about properties that are not for sale or not listed?” This is a great question. Sometimes the home or property in question isn’t for sale. So why is the consumer contacting you?

Zillow Homes “NOT FOR SALE” do generate calls and digital handshake opportunities.

While our global reach exceeds, on average, more than 1 million visitors per day who are looking at something to do with real estate, oftentimes consumers just have a simple question or a need that generates a phone call or email to a local real estate professional. Just like every home on Zillow is not for sale, not every consumer is calling to buy a home. Huh? Let me explain.

This is an opportunity that many times is overlooked. I call it the online “digital handshake.”

I always like to remind consumers (and agents) that there are more than 110 million homes on our site, not all for sale, but all can and do generate phone calls and contacts between prospects and real estate professionals. That’s where the connection gets made and the digital handshake takes place.

Beyond that, it’s really up to each agent to follow up and follow through with building and growing that client relationship, regardless of the purpose for their initial call or contact. It’s all about followup and follow through once you’ve shaken hands. A good CRM will make all the difference here.

Maybe the home that generates an initial contact is just one of the millions of homes that exists on our site. But by taking this contact under your wings, then into your local MLS or Premier Agent Website IDX feed, you can deepen that relationship and over time, help them find the home of their dreams.

Hi, I’m calling about 123 AnyStreet that I saw on Zillow, can you help me?

Zillow is a great place for local consumers to start the real estate journey to get information and data, but we do rely on the real estate professionals and agents at the local level to help consumers complete and close their deals. Rarely, though, does the entire process take place during the initial contact. Generally there will be some small talk that occurs before the big negotiations will take place.

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