There’s some fuzzy math happening in the real estate biz that I don’t quite get. Real estate agents don’t make a ton of money — not unless they’ve been in the biz for awhile, or they’re incredibly savvy in marketing themselves or they’re the Realtors to the stars or they’re just plain lucky. Six figure incomes happen to the top 10%, but most agents fit into the $26,790-$65,270 salary range. According


to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median income is $39,760 (May 2006). So how is it that they drive the nicest, most expensive cars?

My agent drove a gorgeous Lexus SUV, but she’s been an agent for awhile and has built up a pretty solid reputation. I see some land sharks out there who drive BMWs, Mercedes, and Land Rovers, but I can’t imagine how young agents just starting out can afford to drive their clients around in style. So, is it a show-stopper not to have a fancy car? If you were a client and your agent was going to drive you around, would you climb into a Volkswagen Jetta or Honda Civic or a dated Jeep Cherokee?

It looks like agents are even concerned about the image and car they drive. ActiveRain’s blog is filled with agents asking other agents what kind of car to use and it seems the popular answer is a nice SUV (it helps to carry the signs around). But, for green believers and shakers, there is an Eco Realtor in Madison, Wisconsin, that sold his BMW and began using a car sharing program! For some reason, Madison can get away with stuff like that. Maybe Portland, Ore., and Seattle, too, but I can’t see that trend catching on in many other major cities.

Happy Friday!

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