With the United States’ presidential election set for November, 2012 dawns with the spotlight beaming on candidates seeking to win political office. So far, the Republican Party has contested the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, with a third one looming in South Carolina.

Whether frontrunner Mitt Romney can make good on his national poll lead in Saturday’s primary in the conservative Palmetto State remains to be seen. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum are vying for the Tea Party support, refusing to give way to Romney. Texas Congressman Ron Paul continues to inspire the support of libertarian-leaning voters who want serious changes in our domestic and foreign policy.

Which one of these men will face President Barack Obama in November? That’s the big question, but along the way, American voters have many other questions that they also want answered. And while the economy, foreign policy, and health care are at the forefront of issues for presidential hopefuls, the housing market is a critical part of the equation, too.

No doubt that housing prices, capital loans and mortgage qualification standards are directly impacted by the state of the economy, so as candidates attempt to explain to voters what they will do to stimulate the economy, Zillow will be listening intently for housing policy ideas being discussed by candidates and their campaigns.

Further, our goal at Zillow is highlight the 2012 political season as it relates to housing with our special section: “Zillow Election News Coverage.”

This is where you can find a hub of information for voters (and the real-estate obsessed) as it pertains to the candidates’ stance on housing issues, analysis from Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Stan Humphries, as well as fun, election-related content and tools aimed at keeping you up to speed on housing market issues during this year’s race to the White House.

We’ll be updating the page with new content and tools every week, so check back often. If you’re curious, we’ve already kicked off coverage:



About the Author

Lauren Riefflin manages news around Zillow Mobile communications and works closely with Zillow's real estate economists in preparing Zillow's real estate market reports. She also focuses on celebrity real estate news as both a Zillow Blog author and manager of celebrity content relationships.

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