Sprawled over 112 acres in Brentwood, CA is the Robert Taylor Ranch, a celebrated piece of estate that was built in 1956, and designed by renowned architect Robert Byrd, who also designed the home of the late Sharon Tate, Frank Zappa’s treehouse and Ryan Stiles’ Encino home. The ranch is for sale for $56 million.

Robert Taylor, the late actor whose prime roles were from the 1930s-60s (“Quo Vadis,” “Ivanhoe”), was one of the owners of the ranch for which it is named.

The main home, which reflects Byrd’s style for hand-hewn woods and soaring wood ceilings, contains 11,700 sq ft, plus there’s a 4,000 sq ft recreational/office complex and a 3,100 sq ft. guest studio. Also included is a 10-car garage, pool, stables, riding arenas, gym, tennis court and equestrian trails.

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  • Palmdale Homes

    I don’t know how many people can come up with that kind of money to buy a house like that, but it’s fantastic. Plus with 112 acres, you’d get all the privacy you could possibly want.

  • Sandy

    what a lovely place

  • Carl MacDonalds

    LOL @ anyone who actually buys or even considers buing that house for more than $10 million.

  • Nick

    The HDR shots definitely help. Ridiculous amount of money!

  • liz leeds

    That is a crazy amount of money but beautiful home. Not sure who would need a ten car garage though. I guess if you have $57 million to spend on a house your going to have a few cars to go with it.

  • Austin Owner Finance

    I can’t stand when photos of properties are taken and edited like that. Looks like a cartoon and takes away from the natural beauty of the home. HDR DONE WRONG!

  • Janie

    I’ve been to the Taylor ranch and it’s lovely. It is worth more than the asking price.

  • Kenneth Wade Wilson

    $56,000,000 is what you will have paid if you pay the mortgage. You might not be allowed to pay off the mortgage early without paying the full 8 figs.
    Generally, in the Platinum Triangle and its surrounding slums and various outhouses sprinkled within, a house like this is priced ten times its actual cash worth due to its eyecatchingness. It’s worth about 5.6 million in any other city.
    In 1979 I knew the guy who owned the house Michael Jackson died in, and he wanted ten, fifteen million for it, via mortgage. His dad had built it, and it was highly visible from Sunset Boulevard, no bushes, no privacy, and it was a target for gangs to steal from, so he didn’t live in it, just mowed the grass. Really, the owner! Mowing grass! He was parking his car on the lawn while he did it, so he WAS the owner. He couldn’t get rid of it. Now, most big homes in the triangle are hidden in bushes, theoretically to conceal the cocaine usage and the perhaps justifiable security paranoia about when your drug dealer is going to whack you or drill your little boy for ransom.
    So, $56,000,000 is what the bank wants. I’ll bet you could get it cheap if you knew the owner. But It’s being fixed up, so it’s a bank deal.
    Sort of ruins the word “ranch” at that price. I loved the satellite images of farm animals, a big garden, hunting and riding and hiking lands. Until I saw the $56,000,000 figure. Not too long ago it was only 1.5 million. Must be the web attention it’s getting. It is adorable.

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  • Tessa Taylor

    I grew up on this ranch when it really was a ranch. I knew every corner of it. This is no longer my dad’s ranch and I wish they would not use his name to advertise it. It now looks like some glitsy, gaudy Las Vegas hotel. I’m sick about how it has ended up, but not surprised. Greed is a disease. TT

  • Kenneth Wade Wilson

    Hey, Tessa. How old were you in the late 1970s? Maybe I met ya. I had your dad’s or somebody’s permission once to drive around. Must’ve been trying to sell it at the time. Servants didn’t like me parked smoking a cig in the kitchen garden up the hill, but I didn’t touch anything except a carrot. Fine garden, man. Better manicured than most people’s lawns. Guess it’s gone now, but the satellite pics of it are only a few years old. I grew up in a similar size family farm in Auburn, Alabama, where my dad was an administrator at Auburn University. I know how it feels to look at the old place on the internet and see a Uhaul where the house was and a hospital where the pecan tree back pasture was. Snuffle.

  • Looker

    This ranch is beautiful and well worth the money , it is the largest private property in L.A. County , the RANCH has had a lot of money put into the property and I would think that Tess would appreciate the fact that the Ranch had been taken care of so well , given the fact that it had been kept original and that a lot of money had been poured Into it otherwise it would have disappeared , I would also be grateful that my fathers name had been carried on as the original owner of the RANCH otherwise his name would not be known to the new generation . I have also lived at this ranch , and there is literally nothing like it anywhere , it would be a huge shame for a developer to buy it and to sub-divide it to build on , to have this majestic 112 acre largest private property in L.A. In Brentwood , if you ask me or even if I am not asked , this is one of the best locations in the WORLD for a top notch home and is a huge part of Los Angeles history.this should be a historical landmark….

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