Russian Billionaire’s Daughter Gets $88 Million Penthouse as NY Crash Pad

It turns out that a buyer for one of the most expensive apartment homes in Manhattan wasn’t that hard to find, after all.

And befitting the sale of an $88 million penthouse on top of the 15 Central Park West is the report that it’s going to a 22-year-old daughter of a Russian scientist who made his billions whipping up fertilizer.

Merry Christmas, Ekaterina Rybolovleva.

According to Forbes, a statement was released about the contract pending for the apartment that belongs to the disgraced former Citigroup exec Sandy Weill, who promised in November to donate proceeds of his apartment’s sale to charity:

A company associated with Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of a well-known businessman Dmitriy Rybolovlev, has signed a contract to purchase an apartment at 15 Central Park West, New York. The apartment is a condominium currently owned by the Sanford Weill Family.

Ms. Rybolovleva is currently studying at a US university. She plans to stay in the apartment when visiting New York. Ms. Rybolovleva was born in Russia, is a resident of Monaco and has resided in Monaco and Switzerland for the past 15 years.”

Ekaterina Rybolovleva, 22, has lived mostly in Monaco but is attending college in the U.S. SOURCE: Daily Mail


Daddy Rybolovlev is no stranger to sky-high real estate deals. In fact, the full-price deal he has apparently made for his daughter is second fiddle to his purchase of Donald Trump’s $95 million Palm Beach, FL mansion.

But whereas La Donald let his Florida palace go to Rybolovlev for a record-setting price reduction of $25 million, the Russian fertilizer king has apparently paid full freight for the 15 CPW condo.

The Weill condo, which set a record for most expensive NY property when it sold for $43.7 million in 2007, is one of six units for sale in the lauded, new building overlooking Central Park on the stately Upper West Side.

For the record, while $88 million is a ton of dough for even a gleaming New York penthouse, it is not the most expensive New York apartment for sale. The French Gothic-style townhouse at 4 E. 80th Street off Fifth Avenue takes the cake. The former palace of Frank Woolworth is listed for $90 million.

However, the $88 million sale is the most cash a foreign-national father has paid for his lovely little heiress. British Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone bought Spelling Manor for his daughter, Petra, for $85 million in July 2011.