Ryan Lewis Pulls Off Big ‘Heist’ With $3.3M Seattle Home Purchase

With three hits in the Billboard Top 100 and huge Grammy success, music producer Ryan Lewis and his cohort, Macklemore, have catapulted to stardom courtesy of catchy rap/pop hits like “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us.”

So what’s this Washington state native (Spokane) and University of Washington grad doing for an encore? Buying a house!

Ryan Lewis, rear, is the producer behind Macklemore’s gigantic succcess. Source: Wikipedia.

And it’s not just any house. Lewis, 25, has settled on a waterfront home in the Magnolia section of Seattle — a western-most peninsula that boasts huge bluffs and waterfront beaches along Puget Sound. According to the Seattle Weekly, Lewis’ new home is on Perkins Lane, a road that sports some of the most private waterfront properties in all of the Emerald City. Perkins Lane was also the site of a major mudslide in 1996, where several of the homes on the coveted lane slide into the Puget Sound. Lewis’ home, however, is at the other end of from the slide site.

Clearly the success that has pushed Lewis and Macklemore to fame and fortune has been sweet: The home costs $3.3 million. Most interesting is that the style of the home isn’t modern or mid-century modern, which are selling like hotcakes all over Seattle. Instead, Lewis chose a very traditional mansion with vaulted ceilings, tons of crown molding and huge rooms that open to outdoor spaces — all to take in the 150 feet of private waterfront access. The home sprawls 7,610 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

It’s no coincidence that Lewis has decided to hunker down in one of Seattle’s most private and coveted havens. He and Macklemore are looking to turn their attention from touring and promoting their record with a followup effort. In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, which named Lewis the top music producer of 2013, Lewis said he wants to live a little bit of “real life” and take the time to ensure that Macklemore’s sophomore album meets the soaring expectations set by “The Heist,” which won the Grammy for Best Rap Album of the Year.

If the setting and spaces of Lewis’ new home are any indication, he’s definitely in the right place.


Laura Vecsey is a freelance writer for Zillow Blog. Read more from her here.