“Sex and the City” Townhouse for Sale: $9.65 Million


Herringbone floors and ornate plaster ceilings make 64 Perry St. a classic, old-world townhouse.

In addition to the shoes and the cleavage, what helped make “Sex and the City” must-see TV were the shots of fabulous New York locations. That included the grand townhouse where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw allegedly lived.

It wasn’t trick photography, but a little creative license led producers to use a classic West Village building to film exterior shots when, in fact, Carrie’s one-bedroom was said to be located on the upper East Side.

Regardless of this bit of TV scene setting, we now can all see what’s behind the grand facade of the so-called “Sex and the City” townhouse used for those exterior shots, since the historic single-family home at 64 Perry Street has hit the West Village real estate market.

According to Sotheby’s, which holds the listing, only two families have lived in the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home since it was designed by architect Robert Mook and built in 1866.

Rich in original details, such as herringbone wood floors with exquisite inlaid borders, 6 fireplaces with carved marble mantels, & beautifully proportioned rooms with ornate crown & ceiling moldings, the home is waiting to be restored to its original grandeur.

As has been widely noted, it would take a lot of shoe hawking by Carrie and all her sexy friends to come up with the cash required for this 4,100-square-foot gem, listed for $9.65 million.

With its location on a tree-lined street in the heart of Village’s landmark district, the place will no doubt attract buyers, although maybe not at the same rate as “Sex and the City” fans who often stopped to take a snapshot of the classic New York manse.