Sleepless in Seattle

(Photo courtesy Seattle P-I)

Everyone’s favorite chick flick, “Sleepless in Seattle,” served up a romantic idea of what life would be like living in a houseboat: Walking over water on a deck to access your home and once inside, the sensation of being afloat, as slight waves gently lap near your doorstep. You sit out on the deck with your favorite beverage and watch as boaters casually float by. Ah, the peacefulness, the tranquility of water, water everywhere. That scene can all be yours for $2.5 million dollars. Yes, it’s true: The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat is for sale and is listed by Coldwell Banker.

If you want to preserve this imagery of houseboat living, stop reading this post right here because a scene spoiler is coming up…

Scene spoiler: In reality, owning a houseboat can be a whole ‘nother experience as this Crosscut essay explains: otters defecate on your deck, dead, smelly fish get wedged under the home’s timber foundation, rowing teams buzz by at 5 AM as the coxswain shouts directions over electric megaphones and oh, yes, the many boats that pass by. While there are issues living on land as well, do your due diligence and research what you’re getting into before purchasing a home — whether it’s on land or H2O.

And now I know why Tom Hanks was sleepless in Seattle.

  • Yazmin

    Diane – Thanks for the mention of Spider’s story about houseboat life. A certain Zillowite I know is among those early morning rowers he mentions, so I had to cringe a bit. I could hardly believe the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat was for sale, much less for $2.5 million. Why do you think that is? Is it purely the Seattle market, the movie tie-in, or is there something even more desirable about literally living on the water? As I understand it, unlike when you own a house on land, you don’t actually own the water (“duh”) under your houseboat. Don’t think I’ll sell my Queen Anne house in exchange for a houseboat any time soon.

  • An Kim

    Wow it’s selling for real. Wonder who’s the next owner of the house.

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  • Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

    I loved that movie. I wouldn’t pay 2 and a half million for it though lol sheesh It’s a cute little houseboat though… very unique.

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