Candy Spelling, widow of the late mega-TV producer Aaron Spelling (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Dynasty,” “Starsky and Hutch,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Melrose Place,” “The Love Boat,” “Fantasy Island,” “Vega$,” “Hart to Hart,” … and the list goes on and on…) and mother to Tori and Randy Spelling, has put “The Manor” up for sale for $150 million, according to Gawker.

Located in the Westwood section of LA at 594 S Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles, CA, the home is being co-listed by Coldwell Banker’s Sally Forster Jones. It is said to be the most expensive home for sale in the U.S.

Here are a few interesting anecdotes about the sale:

If the Mapleton address is familiar-sounding, it’s because Hugh Hefner’s “other” home (next to the Playboy Mansion) is 500 S Mapleton Dr and it, too, is for sale — for $27.9 million.

An interview with Candy Spelling will air tonight on ABC’s 20/20.

(Photo of Candy, left, and Tori Spelling courtesy ABC News)

  • Charles F Seymour

    I would like this property but have only $ 350,000
    to spend. Is that possible?

  • Eugene, San Jose, CA

    Based on your expressed budget, I think if the house remains unsold for a few years (like that unsold $125,000,000 home a few doors down listed two years ago), my thought is it can’t hurt to ask! Why, if you ask nicely, who knows? At the very least, Candy just may decide to sell you one of the bathroom fixtures in the Master Suite, engraved “To Charles, from Candy Spelling” or something like that, maybe even signed, for $350,000! You would be getting quite a collectible.

  • c pearson

    go for it! It is a buyers market you know.

  • furnace filter

    Is this a fair price for this place? Damn thats expensive.

  • Marikit

    If you get to sell it, could you kindly donate some money for the special education of California?

    Good luck!

  • Carolwood Resident

    Crappy house. The roof leaked for years and the home and attic is full of mold. The front and one side of the house face a very busy and noisy public park and at night the drug dealers and hookers fill that park. You are kitty corner to Hefners Sex Palace and you can hear his sex parties late into the night and the Police and DA Cooley have been taped with underage girls at Hefners “Mansion” so no one can shut the all night parties and bs up at the Playboy Whorehouse. I can understand why shes tired of going out to her Tennis Court and having to sweep womens panties and condoms off before she can play since the girls at the parties that dont want sex are raped on the abutting Country Club Golf Course. I am suprised she lasted this long most people next to the Whorehouse move out within a few years of making teh mistake of buying within a mile of it.

  • Tony Sena

    $150 million are you kidding! I find it highly unlikely this home will sell for that much. Doesn’t she know we are in a recession???

  • Rodney

    The middle class and below are in a recession not the folks she’s trying to reach.

  • Manassas VA Homes

    56,000 square foot home? That is more than an acre at 43560! Wow! Massive!

  • Arlington VA Homes

    Thanks for the information and background.

  • Rich Griffiths

    $150 million, good luck with that, who are they going to find with that kind of money today? Well there’s always Bill Gates or Carlos Slim.

  • person

    hey why doesn’t she just make the house a hotel? She has the salon, pool, tennis court, the house has over 100 rooms. Also there are the staff living there. The only person i could ever see buying this house is Bill Gates or a very big company to use it like a hotel.

  • Kyle

    The house is Gorgeous the only surprise I found in this article is that they have no mention of the theater room which Candy specifically had built so that her husband Aaron could have the very best screening room in Hollywood. I’d have to say I would defiantly buy this property if given the opportunity. As for Hugh Hefner’s house I wouldn’t pay a dollar for if it came with a 1000 barrels of disinfectant.

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