Steve Jobs Can Tear Down His House

(Photos of the Jackling House courtesy Jonathan Haeber)

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ inability to demolish a house he owns due to historic concerns. Last night, the Woodside City Council voted 6-1 to allow Jobs to tear it down, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jobs has been lobbying to tear down the humongous, 17,000 sq ft Jackling House, located at 460 Mountain Home Rd, Woodside, CA, but preservationists have fought against him, citing historic value. As the photos on the post can attest, the home has fallen to neglect and been abandoned (see more creepy photos here).

The lone vote against the teardown was by Woodside Mayor Peter Mason, who is an architect with experience in historic preservation.

“It’s an unfortunate thing that Mr. Jobs doesn’t like the house,” Mason reportedly said at the meeting. “It’s really sad that we’re going to continue to tear down historic resources in this town because they’re old.”

Jobs plans to build a much smaller, modern house — only 6,000 sq ft.