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  1. apartment cafe

    Popular Apartment Amenity Trends for 2014

    There are amenities to suit the needs of every renter. Take a look at some of the most popular ones for 2014.

  2. need rental broker

    Do You Need a Rental Broker?

    If the rental search process sounds like a pain, working with a broker might be the answer.

  3. Save on Rent

    6 Ways Renters Can Get the Most for Their Money

    Searching for affordable housing in an expensive city? Here are ways to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

  4. apply for Section 8

    How to Apply for Section 8 Housing

    Financial assistance is available to low-income, elderly and disabled renters; here’s what you need to know to apply for Section 8 housing.

  5. SF clock tower

    Industrial Living: Converted Apartments for Rent

    Old churches and factories get a second chance as hip, urban homes.

  6. postlets_a zillow company

    Free Postlets Listing App Helps Landlords on the Go

    Create and distribute your listings to more than 20 popular rental websites — all with the touch of a finger.

  7. apartment fire safety

    Fire-Proof Your Apartment for Fire Prevention Month

    If you live in an apartment building, you’re at an increased risk for becoming the victim of a home fire. Take some time during fire prevention month to make your apartment safer.

  8. renter application packet

    Outsmart the Competition With a Renter Application Packet

    In a competitive rental market, it’s no longer effective to go to an apartment showing with only your checkbook, ready to hand in a deposit.

  9. Glover Park

    Rentals Spotlight: Washington, DC

    From a studio with well-preserved 1940s finishes to an apartment boasting updated modern features, here’s a look at the rentals you can find on the market in the nation’s capital.

  10. Chicago apartment rental

    Rentals Spotlight: Chicago

    From luxury lakefront studios to sleek, modern apartments, you’ll find a home that suits your taste in the Windy City.

  11. Atlanta apartment rental

    Rentals Spotlight: Atlanta

    Looking for a place to rent in Atlanta? From studios to single family homes, take a look at the rentals we found on the market in this city.

  12. Raleigh NC apartment rentals

    What Can You Rent for $1,500 a Month?

    With a rental budget of $1,500 a month, you’ll find a variety of apartments and condos. See what we found this week at this price point.

  13. St Paul, MN apartment rental

    What Can You Rent for $950 a Month?

    Take a look at the rentals we found for those with a budget of $950 a month. From studios to 2-bedroom apartments, don’t underestimate the unique amenities you can get at this price point.

  14. Portland OR rental home

    What Can You Rent for $2,000 a Month?

    From boutique apartments to a remodeled 18th-century adobe, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this price point.

  15. Atlanta rentals

    What Can You Rent for $650 a Month?

    From a spacious 2-bedroom apartment to an efficiency studio, here’s what you can find at this price point around the nation.