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  1. Woman staring out the window

    Why You Should Consider Storm Windows

    Brand-new windows are always nice, but they can be a huge expense. You may be able to get much of the energy savings of new windows at a fraction of the cost by installing storm windows.

  2. Man removing snow from a driveway

    5 Tips to Manage Snow & Ice This Winter

    There are plenty of ways — short of moving to Miami — that you can keep ice and snow under control this winter. For a stress-free season, rely on some improved products and techniques — as well as good old common sense.

  3. Source: AMS Landscape Design

    A Guide to Winterizing Your Patio Furniture

    Taking a little extra time to care for your patio set now will keep everything pristine for spring’s return.

  4. Home with Christmas curb appeal

    10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Christmas Curb Appeal

    Liven up the front door and share your holiday spirit with the whole neighborhood this year!

  5. Dining room decorated for Christmas

    Bob Vila’s 5 December ‘Must Do’ Projects

    This month is all about the holidays — from decorating the house inside and out to making sure you have everything you’ll need to keep warm and safe.

  6. Christmas lights

    8 Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

    Embellishing your yard with holiday lights is a cheery idea if you follow a few simple guidelines and precautions.

  7. This home theater uses wall panels to absorb sound.

    13 Ways to Soundproof Your Home

    You can’t escape noise. It’s everywhere, both inside and outside the home, distracting you from work and disturbing your leisure. But even if you can’t make it stop, you can muffle it. Here’s how.

  8. dining room table with bench seat

    8 Ways to Maximize Your Dining Room

    Thanksgiving puts your dining room to the true test. Here are eight ways to get more out of your space.

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    5 Ways to Warm Up an Older House

    If you live in an older home, consider any one of these energy-saving upgrades to reduce heating costs and still stay warm this winter.

  10. Autumn kitchen

    Bob Vila’s November ‘Must Do’ Projects

    Prepare your home inside and out this month, and then turn your thoughts toward engineering a stress-free Thanksgiving.

  11. Source: Viscusi Elson Interior Design

    Getting Your Fireplace Ready for Winter

    If you have a fireplace, fall is a great time to make sure the chimney and flue are in good working order.

  12. Cleaning blinds

    Damp Basement? How to Prevent Mold in Your Home

    The best way to avoid mold is to make it feel unwelcome. Here are some basic tips to alleviate its presence in your basement and elsewhere in your home.

  13. Source: Connie Cooper Designs

    5 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom

    Promote rest and relaxation in your nightly refuge with thoughtful, stylish and budget-friendly DIY bedroom-storage solutions.

  14. Cookie-cutter pumpkin (

    52 Ways to Decorate Your Pumpkin

    The classic jack-o’-lantern doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why we’ve collected the most creative examples of carved, painted, etched, pierced, glued and electrified pumpkins to raise the bar for your own pumpkin fest.

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    6 Tips & Tools for Pumpkin Carving

    Mix and match these tools to turn your regular pumpkins into Halloween masterpieces.