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  1. Source: Shuler Architecture

    6 Tips for Successful Container Gardening

    Kerry Michaels,’s container gardening expert, shares her top tips for success. Follow her advice and you may soon find that your containers — and your enthusiasm — flourish exuberantly.

  2. Source: Suzanne Tucker of Tucker & Marks Inc.

    5 Ways to Dress Up Your Front Door

    Your front door is the centerpiece of your house. If it’s more lackluster than blockbuster, consider one of these five easy updates.

  3. Source: Bruce Codfelter & Associates

    Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Front-Yard Landscaping

    Successful landscaping goes well beyond a beautiful lawn. See 12 pro tips for showing off your front yard.

  4. De Meza Architecture shows how concrete can be beautiful for a patio overlooking wine country.

    Choosing the Right Surface Material for Your Patio

    Before you start a patio building project, it’s important to research your options and determine which material best suits your needs and abilities.

  5. Moss green 2

    Kitchen Paint Colors: 10 Handsome Hues to Consider

    The kitchen is often a gathering place in the home, so the paint color should be both energizing and easy to live with.

  6. House from Digs

    5 Spring Home Maintenance Musts

    Small fixes now to your home’s exterior could save you money and headaches later.

  7. Source: Zillow Digs

    14 Ways to Reclaim Lost Counter Space

    Here are 14 great solutions that are just begging to be a part of your kitchen expansion.

  8. This home by Balance Associates has ramps instead of stairs for more accessibility.

    How to Retrofit Your Home for Accessibility

    Here is a room-by-room checklist of steps you can take if someone in your family is impacted by a lasting injury, disability or age-related physical challenges.

  9. Home Improvement

    8 Home Improvements To Boost Your Chances of Selling

    To increase the odds of a quick, well-priced sale, make the effort to get your home viewer-ready before you put it on the market.

  10. House with orange door

    The Do’s & Don’ts of Picking a New House Color

    There’s nothing like paint to transform the look of your home’s exterior, but it can be challenging to make a final selection.

  11. laundry room

    How to Create a More Functional & Inviting Laundry Room

    Even if your laundry room was ill-conceived from the start, there are some simple ways to turn it from a workroom into a performance room.

  12. Door storage

    6 DIY Bathroom Storage Tricks

    Are your tub, toilet and sink lined up shoulder-to-shoulder? Does your door assault anyone lingering in front of the mirror? Here are some top ways to find storage in a small bathroom.

  13. Source: SiemaskoVerbridge

    The Makings of a Mudroom

    With careful planning, you can create a mudroom that’s not just a drop zone for coats and scarves, but a true command central.

  14. Furnace repair

    Avoiding Your Furnace? Why It May Be Time to Face the Heat

    Failing to have your heating system inspected regularly can impact its efficiency and cause failures forcing you to replace the system far sooner than warranted.

  15. Source:

    How to Remove & Replace Grout

    Several years after you complete a bathroom or kitchen renovation, your home inevitably starts to show some wear. Fortunately, it’s well within the range of the average do-it-yourselfer to remove and replace grout.