chicago real estate

  1. Minneapolis, MN

    Homes for Sale in the 7 Most Affordable Markets

    We define a market as affordable if a buyer who makes the area’s median income can afford the area’s median-priced home by spending less than what they have spent historically.

  2. Odessa, FL

    Homes for Sale in Top Buyers’ Markets

    When home shoppers discover that an area of interest is a buyers’ market, it should be music to their ears.

  3. New York 1

    Renting in Big Cities: What You Can Get for $3,000 a Month

    In major metros, real estate prices are heating up and rents are no exception.

  4. An exterior view of Oprah's condo.

    Oprah Letting Go of Chicago Condo for $7.75 Million

    Slowly but surely, Oprah Winfrey is releasing her hold on high-end Chicago real estate.

  5. John Cusack's home

    Sold: Cusack Childhood Home in Evanston, IL

    The five siblings attended Piven Theatre Workshop while living in a historic 6-bedroom with views of Lake Michigan.

  6. featured image

    Historic or Modern: Which Home Would You Choose?

    To help you decide, we’ve found historic and modern gems for sale in cities across the country.

  7. Seattle, WA

    How Much for a Midsize Home?

    To find out, we’ve gathered homes for sale measuring close to the U.S. median home size of 1,598 square feet.

  8. gate-1000

    UPDATE: Michael Jordan’s Custom Estate Fails to Sell at Auction

    Former Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan’s custom home is up for auction.

  9. New York

    Homes Where You Don’t Need a Car

    With bike sharing programs and car service apps on the rise, it’s easier than ever to get by without wheels of your own.

  10. Nabisco oven living room

    House of the Week: Nabisco Ovens Turned Penthouse

    The entire penthouse living room was once an oven, filled with Nabisco biscuits, but unfortunately, the baked goods and the scent are long gone.

  11. living rm

    David Axelrod’s Chicago Condo for Sale for $1.25 Million

    Thinking you want to get into politics? Perhaps the next step is owning Axelrod’s place.

  12. The Magnificent Mile

    Homes for Sale on Famous Streets

    We’ve rounded up homes currently on the market that caught our attention, but not for their previous owners or ginormous swimming pools. These homes have undeniable street cred.

  13. Athens, GA

    How Much House Can You Get for $275,000?

    Each week we take a look at how much house you can expect to get at a specific price point. This week, we’re looking at homes priced around $275,000.

  14. Kelly driveway

    Update: Price Chop on R. Kelly’s Former Home

    R. Kelly’s real estate saga is finally over. J.P. Morgan Chase paid $950,000 for Kelly’s 22,000-square-foot Illinois mansion at an auction on Monday.

  15. Spokane WA

    Budget-Friendly Bargains: Houses for the Price of a Car

    Hundreds of thousands of homes are hitting the market as we speak for the price of a brand new Honda Accord, one of the most popular cars in America. Check out these budget-friendly homes under $150,000.