Cincinnati Real Estate

  1. Minneapolis, MN

    Homes for Sale in the 7 Most Affordable Markets

    We define a market as affordable if a buyer who makes the area’s median income can afford the area’s median-priced home by spending less than what they have spent historically.

  2. Athens, GA

    How Much House Can You Get for $275,000?

    Each week we take a look at how much house you can expect to get at a specific price point. This week, we’re looking at homes priced around $275,000.

  3. Frank Lloyd Knoll 1

    Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Cincinnati Hits Market for First Time Ever

    The 3,100-square-foot property is decked out with custom cabinetry made of Philippine mahogany, a generous hearth and gilded ceilings.

  4. 43 fern st hartford ct

    How Much House Can You Get for $350,000?

    Here’s a rundown of what you can get for $350,000 across the country.