Woman stressing over bills

Co-Signing Friend's Mortgage Plunges Credit Score 200 Points

A woman thought she was helping her lifelong friend realize the American Dream. Instead, she created her own financial nightmare.

Crdit score

Your Credit Report is an Important Asset

Your credit profile – whether its an asset or liability – stays with you for your whole life.


Are Great Credit Scores Sexy?

Are great credit scores sexy? If you are dating be sure to talk about your partners credit score because in the event you want to buy a house, their credit score will matter.

Atn. Shoppers: Mortgage Interest Rates - On Sale!

Shopping for mortgages or shopping for interest rates might seem easy, but it can be very difficult and confusing if you aren’t dealing with a very good loan officer that will educate you along the way.

Improve your credit score, guaranteed.

Image via Wikipedia Not so fast.Preying on people who have a real need and are often blinded by their own […]

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