east hampton real estate

  1. East Hampton, NY

    Mid-Century Modern Homes for ‘American Dream Builders’ Fans

    The sleek architectural style, marked by a low-pitched roof and post-and-beam construction, first appeared in the 1940s and remains as popular as ever today.

  2. Arc House

    House of the Week: Arc House in the Hamptons

    The Arc House in the East Hamptons has many green features, including geothermal heating, a rainwater collection system and a living, vegetated roof.

  3. Bloomfield Hills, MI

    5 Glass Houses That Could Change Your Point of View

    No need to hang wallpaper or a landscape painting — walls of windows let nature do the decorating in these homes.

  4. kansas city mo

    How Much House Can You Get for $250,000?

    This week, we’re looking at homes priced around $250,000.

  5. Malibu, CA

    Behold the Best of Both Water Worlds

    Get the best of land and sea with homes that include pools with incredible water views.