Election 2012

  1. White House - North View

    The White House Value: Then & Now

    While it’s true that the first family’s humble abode is unlike any other property in the world, the data heads here at Zillow set out to determine just how much this historical property was theoretically worth.

  2. Foreclosure respres

    Obama’s Housing Initiatives: A Timeline

    Democrats and Republicans paint different pictures of how affective the president’s efforts to stabilize the housing market have been.

  3. Home-percentage rate

    How the Election Could Influence Mortgage Rates

    How the election’s results will be perceived by the financial markets could cause mortgage rates to gyrate.

  4. Vote

    Battleground States and Their Housing Situation

    Nowhere does the pace of the housing market recovery matter more for President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney than the nation’s so-called swing states.

  5. Source: Politico

    Romney’s Stance on Housing: ‘Let It Run Its Course’

    The GOP presidential nominee has said little about his views on housing, except that when it comes to foreclosures, the government should butt out.

  6. Image 1ppi

    Underwater Home Values in 2012 Battleground States

    Next week, Zillow, the Progressive Policy Institute and Columbia Business School will host a housing forum aimed at exploring the ways in which the public and […]

  7. Source: WhiteHouse.gov

    White House Remedies For Veterans, “Responsible Homeowners” Called Limited Plan for Overall Housing Crunch

    On Super Tuesday, as Republican presidential primaries are contested in 10 states, the White House took the opportunity to show what President Barack Obama wants to […]

  8. Between Rick Santorum, left, and Mitt Romney, only one of these candidates will be smiling after Ohio results are in.  SOURCE: AP

    Tuesday Figures to Be Super for Ohio Republican Primary Winner

    Update: Super Tuesday Results: Mitt Romney wins Virgina, Vermont, Ohio, Massachusetts, Alaska and Idaho. Santorum takes North Dakota, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Gingrich wins Georgia. No wins […]

  9. Source: Washington Times

    State of the Union and Obama’s Plan for Housing

    Last night, President Barack Obama took to the podium to deliver his annual State of the Union address before a packed house of his Congressional peers, […]

  10. presidential candidates housing plans

    What Are the Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Housing Plans?

    What are the biggest issues facing the real estate market? What are candidates campaigning to do to encourage a recovery? Presidential hopefuls are facing these questions […]

  11. election button

    Red, White, and Zillow: Introducing Zillow Election News Coverage

    With the United States’ presidential election set for November, 2012 dawns with the spotlight beaming on candidates seeking to win political office. So far, the Republican […]

  12. button

    Election 2012: Complete Primary/Caucus Calendar

    The 2012 election’s primary and caucus season is off to a hot start. Below you will find a full list of dates for the remaining election […]

  13. iowa

    Iowa is Prime Real Estate for 2012 GOP Hopefuls

    Update #2: In a re-count, Rick Santorum wins Iowa Caucus by 34 votes. ***** Update: Romney wins Iowa Caucus by 8 votes ***** Original post: For […]