Why Buyers Should Consider Foreclosures or Short Sales

You might find a great property you’d otherwise have overlooked if you categorically disqualified foreclosures and short sales. And when the market is tight, looking at distressed properties makes even more sense.


Foreclosure Crisis Puts Process Servers at Greater Risk

Although there’s no hard data on the rate of violent incidents between process servers who deliver foreclosure notices and homeowners, some who represent the servers say the housing crisis has aggravated the situation.

Occupy Our Homes Atlanta

Occupy Our Homes Movement Battles Foreclosures

Ten months ago, Occupy Our Homes (OOH) officially launched in more than 20 cities, staging sit-ins at properties in danger of foreclosure to help distressed homeowners stave off eviction.


Foreclosure Discount Falls to 7.7 Percent Nationally

Today Zillow released a new foreclosure discount analysis that takes a new approach to answering the question, “How much can I save by buying a foreclosure?”

Lisa Cocuzza

Buying the Foreclosure Next Door Not So Easy

Homeowners across the country are growing so desperate to preserve their neighborhoods that they’re willing to buy the foreclosure next door — only to fail.

Fullscreen capture 10102011 42854 PM

Buying a Foreclosure? Watch Out for These 5 Landmines

As you might expect, buying a foreclosed home comes with opportunities — and certain challenges.


Securing a Rental After Losing Your Home

You’re about to lose your home — now what?

This bathroom was trashed by the previous owner

Cement in Your Toilet? Foreclosure Market Flush with Damaged Inventory

Increasing numbers of real estate agents are collecting more scary tales about what they discover when they step inside a foreclosure.


Real Estate Woes of Real Housewives

Bravo’s hit reality TV show The Real Housewives, mimics the housing woes of real life more often than not. Watch what happens.

Gisbon pool

Mel Gibson Re-Lists Malibu Property for a Million Less

Mel Gibson’s Malibu property was re-listed with a $1 million price cut.

Source: Orange County Register

O.C. Real Housewives' Peggy Tanous in Danger of Foreclosure

Peggy Tanous made her debut this season as the latest member of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County series, but […]

Civilian Borrowers Can Tap into VA Loan Program's Significant Benefits Through Vendee Program

The VA Loan Guaranty program has some of the most potent home-buying benefits around, chief among them the ability of […]

New Program to Offer Short Sale Incentives to Homeowners and Lenders

Since President Obama took office last year, housing has been one of his administration’s top priorities. Programs have aimed to […]

7 Things Every Home Buyer Should Know – Part 2 – Don’t Worry

Time to take a look at the second installment in the 7 things series.   If you recall, last time, we […]

Time to buy

Is now the time to buy a house?

This is a question I seem to get asked everywhere I go!  I’m not really the one to ask since […]

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