Home buying tips

  1. Money-bags-0e3e75-300x300.jpg

    Homeownership Expenses You Might Not Anticipate

    We asked a few financial bloggers to share their experiences and advice on the expenses of buying and owning homes.

  2. Home Sold

    Why You Should Get Off the Fence About Buying a Home

    As the housing market continues to stabilize, you might be thinking more seriously about purchasing a home, right? Here are some reasons why it’s (still) a good idea to get off the fence — sooner, rather than later.

  3. Q & A

    Real Estate Q&A: Buying in a Market With Little Inventory

    Real estate investor and Zillow Blog contributor Leonard Baron answers questions from readers regarding buying, selling and investing.

  4. Seattle condo

    What Millennials and Boomers Need to Know About Condos

    Owning a condo has many of the same benefits of owning a single-family home. But there are some rules and restrictions boomers and millennials alike often face when going the condo route.

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    Should You Buy a Home for Your College Student?

    Many issues come along with owning a student rental, and you should really think them through before you get yourself a “tough and expensive” college lesson of your own.

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    How to Determine What You Want in a Home

    Establishing your most important criteria upfront will help you stay on track as you move through the home buying process.

  7. Four

    4 Ways to Gain the Competitive Edge When Home Shopping

    If you’ve been out there house hunting, you’re likely aware of the many challenges and obstacles that come with the territory.

  8. Signing a contract

    Do Letters to Sellers Work?

    If you’re a buyer and you find yourself in love with a home alongside three, five or 10 other buyers, a letter can help. But don’t simply dash one off without giving it some thought, or you’ll be wasting your time.

  9. tug of war

    How to Compete Without Cash

    In markets full of investors and people buying homes with cash, buyers who have to borrow can feel disadvantaged. Here’s advice from agents on how to stay competitive, even if you have to take out a loan.

  10. Virginia Beach, VA

    Tired of Competing With Cash Buyers? Buy in These 10 Markets

    We looked at the 30 largest metros to determine where cash deals accounted for the least home sales in Q1.

  11. See, hear, speak no evil

    Why You Shouldn’t Rush Through the Final Walk-Through

    It’s smart to think things through and take the walk-through seriously. Don’t see it as simply checking a box.

  12. Entrepreneurs Looking at a Binder

    Money Talks, But Creativity Can Seal the Home Buying Deal

    When you are in the market, be open to being creative, take the sole focus off the price and consider the seller’s entire sale situation.

  13. denial

    5 Things Buyers Do That Drive Real Estate Agents Nuts

    From time to time, a buyer can unintentionally make the buying process more difficult, much to the agent’s frustration.

  14. sweet home sign

    Planning Your First Home Buying Experience

    Investing time now to sort out your goals and devise a plan for how you’ll achieve them can make your house hunt smoother and less stressful.

  15. Couple Looking at home

    Making the Most of an Open House Visit

    Here are some best practices for buyers at all ends of the home-buying spectrum.