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  1. Source: California Closets

    3 Easy Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Garage

    Installing a garage storage system that frees up space can have the same effect as adding a room to your home.

  2. Source: Zillow Digs

    14 Ways to Reclaim Lost Counter Space

    Here are 14 great solutions that are just begging to be a part of your kitchen expansion.

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    11 Creative Home Storage Ideas

    In the never-ending battle for storage space at home, it’s imagination versus square footage.

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    Add Some Organization to Your Unruly Junk Drawer

    Transforming this tangled mess of cords, clips and coupons into a handy home for essentials is not easy. Organization, after all, requires that you get rid of the junk.

  5. Craft room

    10 Ways to Tame Craft Room Messes

    If yards of unfolded fabric, spilled glitter and dog-eared photos are taking the joy out of your sewing and scrapbooking, you may want to try to add some organization to your crafting.