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Want to Make Money in Real Estate? Understand Returns

Before purchasing an investment property, you’ll want to do your homework and make sure you understand real estate’s four components of investment returns.


Are Crowdfunding Deals Sound Real Estate Investments?

While it is possible to earn money in these types of deals, the odds are highly against you.

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5 Real-Life HOA 'Horror Stories'

HOAs have a unique set of additional operational, legal and financial issues that buyers must consider, analyze and review in conjunction with a purchase.

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Buying Investment Properties? Why You Should Consider California

Not only has the Golden State provided outsized wealth growth for real estate owners over the past 40 years, but going forward it has some unique characteristics that make it quite appealing to an investment property owner.

Real Estate Investing: Risks and Benefits

Each type of investment has its own benefits and risks, and you should fully educate yourself on those before you write the check.


How to Make a Better Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate has lots of risks that can derail even the best-looking deals.


Did You Miss the Best Real Estate Buying Bonanza in Decades?

It’s still a bonanza out there for prudent buyers! Real estate is still incredibly low priced, mortgage rates are still reasonably low and great wealth still can be earned from owning quality properties for the long term.

Real Estate Investing: Why Cash Flow Is King

Experienced real estate investors only buy properties that are cash-flow positive — based on conservative estimates — and skip those pesky negative cash flow deals.


Real Estate Q&A: Hedge Funds Buying Homes and Inheriting Property

Each month, past San Diego State University lecturer and Zillow Blog contributor Leonard Baron answers two questions from readers regarding buying, selling and investing.

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3 Things That Make the Best Real Estate Investment

A couple of weeks ago I wrote The 6 Worst Types of Real Estate Investments that covered the types of […]

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DIY Kitchen Remodels for Investment Properties

If you are… an investor who is buying rental properties are a do-it-yourself type want to renovate your kitchen… … […]

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Practical Renovations for Investment Properties

The nicer your property, the longer you’ll likely keep your tenants. With that in mind, these improvements should make your property desirable without putting too much strain on your wallet.


What's the Best Way to Earn Wealth in Real Estate?

While a few people are successful at flipping homes, most people earn real estate wealth by buying rental properties for long-term hold.

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Real Estate Appraisals: The Income Capitalization Approach

There are three commercially recognized valuation models for real estate: the “comps,” (comparable market analysis) approach, the “income” or “cap rate” approach (cash flows) and the replacement value approach.

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Rental Property Investing 101

Here are some tips that should help you earn real estate wealth. By the way — it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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