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Why Did My Monthly Mortgage Payment Go Up?

Monitor your mortgage payment and all its components because you may be able to successfully fight some increases.

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4 Things to Know About Mortgage Insurance

Knowing these four facts can help you make the right decision and possibly save money each month by avoiding mortgage insurance all together.


HARP Roadblocks: Why So Few Homeowners Have Been Helped

HARP was designed to help 5 million underwater homeowners refinance into a fixed loan with a lower monthly payment.

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What's In Your Mortgage Payment?

What does your mortgage payment consist of? PITI. See what PITI means and a simple mortgage payment example.

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Tips to Make Mortgage Shopping Easier

Home buyers usually spend months trying to find the perfect house, but the perfect mortgage? Not so much. We get […]

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FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium to Rise

Starting April 18th, 2011 FHA is raising the FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums for FHA loans. What to expect as a result of the changes.


FHA has raised the monthly mortgage insurance premiums

HUD/FHA has just recently changed their monthly mortgage insurance.


Back to the Fundamentals: How can I increase my approval amount?

For many, this is an irrelevant question. Most clients I meet with are able to qualify for much more than […]


Back to the Fundamentals: I have my maximum payment. Now how much house can I buy?

If you have ever used Excel spreadsheet, which I do daily in calculating mortgage and investment solutions, the answer to […]


Government Mortgages Are Becoming More Expensive

Since the bursting of the housing bubble, we’ve seen the mortgage¬†industry flood to government-backed mortgages as a source for home […]


FHA monthly mortgage insurance premiums to rise

Image via Wikipedia Although there are many posts on the internet about FHA MIP rising to 1.55% that is factually […]

Mortgage Definition: UFMIP & MI

The real estate industry uses a lot of acronyms. My oldest daughter and her husband recently bought their first family […]

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