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Refinancing in a Volatile Rate Market: Get the Facts First

Think you’re ready to start the loan process? Don’t make a move until you’ve asked your lender these five questions.


What You Need to Know About the New Mortgage Rules

The basic purpose of the new rules is to help make sure you — the borrower — can afford to repay your mortgage.

Appraisal report

Making Sense of Your Appraisal Report

Here is a simple guide to help you understand this sometimes very confusing document.


Don't Fall for a HARP Scam

When you get offers for HARP, do a quick search to learn more about the company behind the offer.


HARP for Second Homes or Investment Properties

Today, 1 in 6 HARP refinances are for a second home or investment property.


How Would You Spend an Extra $82 a Week?

Fannie Mae borrowers who have refinanced through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) have saved an average of $82 per week on their mortgage payments.


Florida Family Saves Big With HARP

Vicki and Steve were able to refinance the entire loan amount, including associated closing costs, and are now saving $430 a month.

Mortgage Refinance Application Form with pen, calculator

Got a Second (Mortgage)? You Can Still Refinance With HARP

With mortgage rates remaining near historic lows, you may be able to save money on your monthly payments by refinancing — even if you a have second loan on your home.

Key Factors in Securing a Mortgage

Research and preparation won’t take all the worry out of applying for a home loan, but it will go a long way toward reducing your anxiety.

Writing the Check

Understanding the New Ability to Repay Rule

The next time you go back to the bank for a new mortgage loan, your lender may be asking you a few more personal questions.

Folder with documents

What Documents Do You Need for a HARP Refinance?

The process to get “HARPed” is very similar to when you first purchased your home, so you’ll need to get your financials and mortgage documents ready.

Home underwater

Tips for Underwater Borrowers Looking to Refinance

Do you owe way more on your home than it’s worth? You can still refinance through HARP no matter how underwater you are.


7 Common HARP Questions Answered

The government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) has undergone significant changes enabling more homeowners to refinance. But those changes may also have caused confusion.

Cash in pocket

How HARP Can Put Money in Your Pocket

As of August 2013, HARP has saved approximately 2.9 million homeowners as much as $12 billion a year on their mortgage interest payments.

Man using laptop

How to Find a HARP Lender

Once you determine that HARP is for you, your next step should be to talk to a lender.

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