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  1. Indoor pool5

    ‘American Hustle’ Home Makes Splash in Boston Market With Big Price Cut

    Remember the pool scene? It took place in the indoor pool house of this Brookline, MA home.

  2. 2012-August-Field-of-Dreams-7-e1345582290609.jpg

    ‘Field of Dreams’ 25th Anniversary Shadowed by Lingering Property Dispute

    The cast is reuniting in Iowa on Father’s Day in the midst of a heated debate.

  3. wolf of wall street living room

    Apartment From ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ on the Market

    The penthouse served as the home for Leondardo DiCaprio’s character in the upcoming film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

  4. Movie items

    Bring Hollywood to Your Home: How Residences Get Movie & TV Roles

    Movie sets still exist, but more and more, filmmakers are looking to shoot on location.

  5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off house

    Oh Yeah. Iconic ‘Ferris Bueller’ Home Back on the Market

    The modern home featured in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is back on the market with a price cut.

  6. Grumpy Old Men house

    Sale Pending on ‘Grumpy Old Men’ Home

    Unsurprisingly, it did not take long for this Saint Paul, MN home to find its way into the heart of a willing buyer.

  7. Driving Miss Daisy Home Exterior

    ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ Home Hits the Market

    The 6,140-square-foot Georgian estate is now for sale for $1.99 million.

  8. elm st 1

    ‘A Nightmare’ Home Turns Into Modernistic Listing in Hollywood

    The structural star of “A Nightmare On Elm Street” has morphed from fright-night movie star into a home fit for clean, modern, fear-free living. It’s on the market for $2.1 million.

  9. steel 1

    Gracious Little Price Drop for ‘Steel Magnolias’ House

    Owners of the Civil War-era mansion where the 1989 movie was filmed have lowered the list price to $995,000, down from $1.175 million.

  10. A League of Their Own_Front Exterior5

    Houses Featured in Sports Movies

    From the gritty home featured in “The Fighter” to the classic mid-century mod in “The Sandlot,” here’s a real estate tour through sports films.

  11. 2012 August Field of Dreams (7)

    New Vision for ‘Field of Dreams’ Home Would Expand Baseball Pedigree

    It’s been more than two decades since “Field of Dreams” hit theaters, but the Iowa farm where it was filmed still draws upward of 60,000 visitors a year.

  12. IS-59ydbcz7dkrh

    Home Featured in ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ for Sale

    In pristine condition and overflowing with quirky details, the Newnan, GA home, like the title character, is peculiar yet enchanting.

  13. A League of Their Own_Front Exterior5

    Lights, Camera, Curtains? On the Set of Movie Homes

    While Hollywood can do its best to recreate a setting in a studio, sometimes the best thing to do is go and film on location.

  14. House circa 1998. Courtesy of Oceanside Historical Society

    Top Gun House Waiting for its Next Role

    One Southern California community wants to make sure you don’t “lose that loving feeling” for a Tom Cruise blockbuster movie that put it on the map […]

  15. The Dude's home as seen in the movie

    The Dude’s House for Sale (Rug Not Included)

    The Dude’s slacker cottage is for sale as a part of a 6-bungalow property in Venice Beach, CA.