1. election button

    Red, White, and Zillow: Introducing Zillow Election News Coverage

    With the United States’ presidential election set for November, 2012 dawns with the spotlight beaming on candidates seeking to win political office. So far, the Republican […]

  2. George-Washington-slept-here.jpg

    Obama, Bush, Clinton and More: Homes of U.S. Presidents

    It’s Presidents’ day today and while many of us have the day off from work or school, we thought it was deserving to pay tribute to […]

  3. Housing bailout fall out – yet another failure

    Housing bailout fall out – yet another failure

    It must have seemed like a great plan to the president. Mortgage modifications certainly seem like the best choice to avert more foreclosures. At least to […]

  4. Uncle Sam Moneybag

    An Open Letter To President Obama

    President Obama, It seems that a relatively decent plan of ‘stabilizing mortgage rates’ by way of dumping $500 BILLION dollars into Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) has […]