Personal Finance

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    Money-Saving Strategies to Build an Emergency Fund

    We asked a few financially-minded bloggers for their advice on saving for emergencies.

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    How Far Will Your 2014 Housing Dollar Stretch?

    School, healthcare, housing — it’s all going to cost more in the coming year.

  3. Credit report with score

    Why Did My Credit Score Drop?

    These are five of the most common reasons you could experience a dip in your score.

  4. Trick or treat money

    Financial Tricks & Treats

    In the spirit of Halloween, here are some easy ways to trick yourself into saving. And you’ll love the treat: more money in your pocket!

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    Housing by the Numbers

    Are you looking to buy a house? Rent? Here are some important numbers to keep in mind as they may apply to you and your transaction.

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    What Really Influences Your Credit Score?

    Do you know where the information on your credit report comes from and how it impacts your overall credit score?

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    What to Buy in June

    June may seem like a relatively flat month for shopping (and saving), but it’s actually one of the better times to buy a number of homeowner-centric items.

  8. Mortgage and down payment

    Budgeting for Big Families Under One Roof

    When it’s mom and dad, Billy and Sally (and maybe Rover), budgeting can be fairly straightforward — but not everyone’s home life is quite so nuclear, especially in the current economic climate.

  9. Frustrated movers

    Moving in Together? Don’t Make These 5 Money Mistakes

    After the excitement of finding an apartment we loved wore off, we decided how much we would each pitch in for the bills and agreed on 50/50. We weren’t opening a joint account or making a major purchase together, so not much of a discussion was needed. But over time, we found that our quick money chat didn’t cover nearly enough of the issues that would eventually crop up.

  10. Money in wallet

    Fatten Up Your Wallet This Summer

    As you finalize your pricey summer vacation plans, you may be looking for ways to put money back in your pocket to help subsidize the costs. Here are some suggestions that you likely haven’t considered.

  11. Personal Finance Tricks to Get the Most From Your Money

    Remember the 14-percent tax rate Mitt Romney paid on his $13 million income? If you think it’s only the extremely wealthy who can get the most from their money, think again. There are a handful of legal personal finance hacks that are available to all of us.

  12. New York penthouse

    Trends in Luxury Spending

    From “Made in America” to pampering, here’s what is hot in luxury spending this year.

  13. 2013 featured

    What’s In and What’s Out — Financially — This Year?

    From cash vs. credit to buying vs. renting, here are five financial trends for 2013.

  14. Man Holding Large And Small Piggy Banks

    Are You Better Off Today Than 4 Years Ago?

    With the election just around the corner, you’re probably taking a look at your personal financial situation and asking yourself, “Am I better off today than I was four years ago, or am I worse off?”

  15. How to lower your credit scores

    How to lower your credit scores

    Image by The Ken Cook via Flickr Instead of going through the strenuous process of raising your credit score we should cut to the chase and […]